Directorate General of Press and Information hosted press members from Shanghai United Media Group, which is one of China’s largest media outlets. The delegation also including chief editors of prominent Chinese newspapers visited Director General of Press and Information Mehmet Akarca.

Akarca recalled visiting China as part of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s delegation and said he was particularly impressed with the level of industrial development in the country. Referring to sanctions imposed by some Western countries on China, Akarca said: "Those afraid of China’s growth are imposing some commercial sanctions. Turkey, on the other hand, appreciates China’s progress and peaceful foreign policy.”

The delegation told Akarca that the aim their visit was to accurately reflect Turkey in Chinese media. Akarca thus provided information on the major events that marked Turkey’s recent history.

"Turkey has been fighting against PKK for the last 35 years. We have conducted the Operations Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch against the threat of PKK’s extension YPG establishing a new state along our border with the encouragement provided by the West on the grounds of eliminating terrorist organization DAESH." Akarca said, and added that Turkey had no eye on any country’s territory.

Akarca also provided comprehensive information about the failed coup attempt in 2016, and said: "FETO members, who had nested in Turkey for 40 years, bombed the Turkish Police Headquarters and Turkish Grand National Assembly, using Turkish jets. After our President’s call to the streets, this heinous coup attempt failed thanks to our citizens who shielded themselves against tanks. The fight against FETO has been ongoing since then." Akarca warned his guests about FETO, saying: "This heinous terrorist organization called FETO is a trouble for the entire world." 

Director General Akarca said: "You must watch us with your own teams of journalists, not from the Western media.” He also indicated that the DGPI had recently assigned a press counsellor to Beijing and invited Shanghai United Media Group to open a representative office in Turkey.

Underlining that the information shared had been very valuable, the President of Shanghai United Media Group Qiu Xin said they would consider this suggestion and discuss the assignment of representatives in Turkey from media outlets within Shanghai United Media Group. The President Qiu Xin also expressed it was of great significance for them and over 350 million readers they had to follow Turkey more closely and in an unbiased way.