The Directorate General of Press and Information (DGPI) continues with its activities in order to develop the relations and strengthen the ties among the countries. Following “A Ramadan Night” event which was held with the participation of ambassadors and diplomats more than 30 countries within this week, DGPI Press-Culture and Arts Center hosts the painting exhibition of Kazakh painter Karim Baigutov this time.

The opening ceremony of Kazakh painter Karim Baigutov’s exhibition entitled “Complicated World” was held at DGPI Press-Culture and Arts Center with the participation of Chief Advisor to the President and Director General of Press and Information Mehmet Akarca, Kazakh Ambassador Abzal Saparbekuly, Head of Köktuğ Kazakh Culture Association Lyazzat Mullazimoğlu as well as press members and many guests from Kazakhstan.

Delivering the first opening speech, Director General Mehmet Akarca pointed out that a solo painting exhibition was opened for the first time at DGPI and said: “The artists’ world of thought is very different and highly developed. The works of art displayed here reflect this. We are happy to exhibit the paintings of the Kazakh painter. I wish him a continued success in his world of art.”

Ambassador Saparbekuly pointed to the rich culture and ancient civilization of the Turkic world, and said it was good to have a little competition between countries over the promotion of their cultures. "We are proud to promote our culture, art, traditions and history. We should appreciate the value of our culture ourselves before we promote it to others. In order to preserve our values, it is important to realize that we are members of the same family. This event provides an opportunity to our young painter.  I would like to thank Director General of Press and Information Akarca and his team for hosting this exhibition.”

After their remarks, painter Baigutov presented his painting named “Red Island” which represents a vivacious life to Director General Akarca and his painting named “Yellow Island” which represents brotherhood to Ambassador Saparbekuly.

Director General Akarca, Ambassador Saparbekuly and President of the Association Mullazimoglu cut the ribbon to officially open the exhibition, which will run until the 1st of June.