Directorate General of Press and Information (DGPI) will build a “Turkish Media Database” to ensure quick and easy access to information on Turkish media sector.

According to DGPI’s draft budget for 2018, the Directorate General will be engaged in activities to facilitate the work of local and foreign media organs and their members as well as to strengthen the press.

DGPI will improve the scope and enhance the efficacy of the services provided to press members within the context of “Press Cards”. It will also extend the scope of events and organizations in line with the needs of the media sector.

DGPI will also build a “Turkish Media Database (TMD)” to ensure quick and easy access to information on Turkish media sector in the planned period.

DGPI will serve for creating a positive and realistic perception of Turkey in world public opinion and will cooperate with relevant institutions and agencies accordingly. It will efficiently introduce government activities and services to the domestic and foreign public opinion.

It will make publications and organize events to effectively reflect the government activities to the public.

DGPI will also meet the demands throughout the year on preparing general communication strategies and special social media strategies for the events, which improve Turkey’s national and international effectiveness.

DGPI will increase the number and efficacy of international forums, conferences, symposiums and training programs organized in cooperation with media outlets and other public institutions.

The number of characters in the reports provided by the state information system will be increased as well as the number of system users. DGPI will ensure that relevant institutions are informed of the developments.