The Directorate General of Press and Information (DGPI) fulfills its responsibility to facilitate the duties of the journalists and enables them to reach the accurate news in the fastest way also during the Elections 2018. More than 650 international press members  whose accreditations are made by the DGPI follow the election agenda at the press centers set up by the DGPI in Ankara, İstanbul and Diyarbakır.

More than 650 international press members coming from 34 countries including the US, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, People’s Republic of China, Russia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Japan have shown great interest to the press centers established by the DGPI to follow the Presidential and 27th Term General Elections.

Mehmet Akarca, Chief Advisor to the President and the Director General of Press and Information who was present at the press center to follow the results of the elections together with the international press members, stated that the international press members whom he met were surprised with Turkey’s liberal approachment and this was the consequence of the perception operation carried out by some Western countries. Akarca said: “The international press members to whom we provided outside broadcast vehicle for instantly transmitting the data of the Anadolu Agency comprehend that they are able to report without any intervention. Thus, they become envoys who are against the perception operations opposed to Turkey when they return home.”

Analisa Schindler, who works  for the German press and came to the press center opened at the DGPI building noted that she wanted to follow the elections in Turkey due to the 'negative Turkey' perception in Europe and said: “In Europe, the political development in Turkey is ignored. It is mentioned that there is no freedom of press. However, the situation is completely different here. Turkey considers the democratic processes.”  Thanking the DGPI for meeting all the requirements of the journalists, Schindler added: “I am very pleased to be at the DGPI as an accredited journalist. It is very inspiring to carry out my work at the press center equipped with advanced technology.”

Russian journalist Kirill Kivoşeyev underlined that Turkey held elections within very democratic conditions. Stating that he has previously come to Turkey to follow the rallies of the political parties, Krivoşeyev said: “There is state of emergency in Turkey, but there is no disruption in democracy. Participation was broad in the rallies of every political party. Objective news are made. The Russian society pays great attention to these events.”