General Directorate of Turkish Radio and Television and the Directorate General of Press and Information organized a joint event with the aim of providing journalism training to a group of 14 journalists from Rohingya diaspora living in Myanmar, Bangladesh and other countries as part of Turkey’s assistance efforts for Rohingya Muslims, who were displaced and subjected to violence as a result of the events occurring recently in Rakhine State of Myanmar.

Within this framework, DGPI hosted the delegation of 14 Rohingya journalists from various countries such as Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Pakistan, US and Bangladesh. During the meeting with the delegation, DGPI Deputy Director General Ekrem Okutan briefed on Turkey’s fight against terrorism and Turkey’s cross-border operation in Syria, saying that Turkey’s aim was to establish border security and to ensure the return of local people in areas cleared of terror just across the border.

Noting that the war was not only won on the ground and it must also be won in the minds of people, Okutan said that the DGPI’s struggle against the smearing operations by the members of the terrorist organization on social media was ongoing, and that the brochure “Do Not Be Deceived”, prepared for this purpose, was shared on several platforms to take measures against the smearing campaign of the terrorist organization.