The marbles of the walls of the Turkish Grand National Assembly which were demolished by the attack of the FETO terrorist organization on July 15 became New Year greeting cards.

The General Directorate of Press and Information (DGPI), sent the stones that were demolished from the walls of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA), the symbol of national sovereignty, after the bombings of Fethullah Terrorist Organization who carried out treacherous coup attempt on the night of July 15, 2016, as the "symbol of Turkey's devotion to democracy" to the four corners of the world.

Terror Is A Crime Against Humanity

The greeting cards designed by DGPI with a new year’s message both in English and Turkish, has on its cover a photograph of the bombed walls of the TGNA with a small piece of the fallen marbles of the collapsed wall, and the writing "Terror is a crime against humanity".

Director General of Press and Information Mehmet Akarca signed the greeting cards as follows: "The Turkish people have protected their democracy at the cost of their lives on July 15, 2016. This piece of marble, which was torn from the walls of the Turkish Grand National Assembly that was bombed by terrorists, is presented to you as a symbol of Turkey's democratic commitment. Happy years in democracy..."

The square code on the back of the New Year's greeting cards enable people to reach the certificates that prove the marble pieces belong to the bombed walls of the TGNA, which has been given by Prof. Dr. Yusuf Kağan Kadıoğlu, the Director of the Ankara University Earth Sciences Application and Research Centre.

“We will not forget, we will not let people forget…”

Mehmet Akarca stated that on 15 July Turkey exhibited a stand against terror and the coup, which is exemplary to the whole world. He noted that these greeting cards have been prepared so as not to forget and remind people of the night when our people were martyred, when the Turkish people put themselves in front of gun fires and tanks, when our President and Prime Minister encouraged the people with their will, and about the treachery that bombed the 'Gazi Parliament’ which had not been touched even during the war of independence.

In order for the 4,000 new year cards printed that honour the memory of democracy to reach as many people as possible they were sent to senior executives of the 18 countries in the world including Washington, New York, Paris, London, Baku, Brussels, Tashkent and Sarajevo, where DGPI has Offices of Press Counsellor; to all the members of the European Parliament; to the Embassies in Turkey; to the Presidency; to the Prime Ministry and all ministries; to the governors and mayors of 81 provinces; to the civil society organizations; to the university rectors and to the Provincial Directors of our Directorate General.