Date : 16.07.2017
Source : Anadolu Agency
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1st Lieutenant Emrah Bayri told Anadolu Agency the SOLOTURK team debuted in 2011 on the centennial anniversary of the Turkish Air Force.

This international debut at RIAT11 also saw the Turkish team win the King Hussein Memorial Sword -- the top award for best overall flight demonstration.

SOLOTURK, scheduled to make two demo flights at the show, made its first demonstration on Saturday after hours of precise preparation by a dedicated team of 11 air force mechanics.

The display began with a preparation phase by maintenance mechanics, all non-commissioned officers lead by an air mechanics officer.

This dedicated team prepared one of the two aircraft after checking and re-checking every inch of the powerful and fully operational high-speed machine.

After a final check by the pilot himself, the whole team was ready to display the abilities and courage of Turkish aviators.

Saturday’s flight, performed by Capt. Erhan Gunar exhibited extremely hard maneuvers, including a breathtaking slow flyby.

Gunar pushed the aircraft and himself to their limits, with G-forces ranging from plus-9G to negative-3G, thanks to the extremely powerful engine on the Fighting Falcon F-16C.

Spectators, fans and media members who filled special podiums by the runway watched the show flight with great admiration. The jet’s sharp turns and low flybys were accompanied by an energetic commentary which echoed around the airfield.

The overall demo flight was so effective that SOLOTURK’s publicity tent was mobbed by hundreds of fans of all ages, purchasing memorabilia and getting team posters signed.

The team will end its participation with a second demo flight on Sunday by the team's other pilot Capt. Serdar Dogan before returning Turkey the following day.