Date : 16.05.2017
Source : Sabah
Source of Image : AA
Translation Method : Summary Translation

Work continues rapidly on Turksat 6A, the first domestic communication satellite of Turkey.

When Turksat 6A is completed, it will operate in its orbit as the first Turkish communication satellite developed with the domestic resources.

The 6A system by Turksat will provide broadband internet, radio-television broadcasting, GSM service and secure communication services to Asia, Europe, Africa (North and Central) continents.

Turkey to Cover 91 Percent of the World

Turkey aims to have a say in space technologies with its 5A, 5B and 6A satellites costing $550 million and expected to be launched in 2019. Turksat aims to provide broadcasting services to 71 percent of the earth’s land surface and 91 percent of the world population by increasing its number of satellites from currently 3 to 5.